Reservation Questions

How can I make a reservation?
Please make reservations using the “Get a Quote” feature.
Reservations are also accepted by phone for quicker service.
How far in advance must reservations be made?
Please make reservations 3 or more days in advance.
When are reservations finalized?
Reservations are finalized as soon as receipt of payment has been confirmed.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, credit cards are accepted.
Can I pay by overseas remittance?
Yes, overseas remittances are accepted.
Are there any cancellation fees?
Cancellation fees are charged if the cancellation is not made 7 or more days before the flight.

(1) Cancellations made 1 day or less in advance: 100%
(2) Cancellations made 2-3 days in advance: 50%
(3) Cancellations made 4-6 days in advance: 30%
(4) Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance: Free

Aircraft (CITATION CJ2+) Questions

How many people does the CITATION CJ2+ seat?
It seats 8 people (2 crew members and 6 passengers).
How much luggage can be brought on board?
For example, 4 suitcases and up to 4 golf bags can be brought on board.
Is there a toilet on board?
Yes, there is.
Can it fly overseas?
It can fly short distances, such as to Jeju Island and other destinations in South Korea.
Is there a lot of turbulence?
It is the same as a normal jet plane.
Are there other aircraft models available?
We can also arrange Citation Mustang and Citation Sovereign jets, Gulfstream series jets, and Bonanza jets, etc.

Boarding Questions

Where is the check-in point?
We will notify you separately, as it varies by airport.
How soon before departure should I check-in?
Please check in at the designated spot 20 minutes prior to departure. You will be directed through exclusive checkpoints for boarding procedures and baggage inspection.
Are infants and toddlers allowed on board?
Yes, of course.
Are refreshments served on board?
No, they are not provided. Please make your own arrangements before boarding. Refreshments can be provided with advance notice.
Can I smoke on board?
Passengers are asked to refrain from smoking on board.
Are there cabin attendants?
There are no cabin attendants on board.
It is possible to arrange for intermodal transportation after arrival?
Yes. We can arrange taxis, rental cars, and helicopters.